Sustaining Our Critical Work


The TFAS 50th Anniversary Liberty + Leadership Campaign will sustain our critical work by providing resources to ensure our other vital efforts are continued.

Goal: $10 Million

By making a special investment in honor of the TFAS 50th anniversary, you will ensure TFAS continues its important mission and ongoing work by supporting the areas of greatest need. Through your generosity, we can ensure TFAS continues to reach young people with the ideas of liberty, free-market economics and honorable leadership for generations to come.

We’ve neglected to teach economics in our schools, and a whole generation of our sons and daughters are growing up with little understanding of how our system works – that is what TFAS is working so diligently to correct.” – President Ronald Reagan

Featured Professor: Dr. Anne Bradley

Dr. Anne Bradley says her primary goal as a TFAS professor is to give students a new way of thinking about the world around them. Dr. Bradley was recently named the George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and TFAS academic director. As an educator, she employs a unique teaching method that strives to “meet students where they are” – providing our young leaders with relatable examples and an “economic toolkit” to understand how economics applies to their everyday lives and can expand opportunities for those most in need. She says, “Exposing them to the economic toolkit will enable them to better process how they should think about important policy questions that will impact their lives and the lives of everyone in our country.”