Enriching and Expanding Our Programs


The TFAS 50th Anniversary Liberty + Leadership Campaign will expand and enrich our programs to ensure that students leave our programs prepared to defend and champion the principles of liberty, free markets and the American founding in their careers and spheres of influence.

$3 Million toward this initiative will allow TFAS to:

+ Enrich our program offerings with an enhanced speaker series, targeted professional development workshops and increased mentorship opportunities, as well as creating new economic workshops for students taking economics for the first time or looking for a more immersive course.

TFAS professor, Dr. Nikolai Wenzel, begins a lesson on the functions and benefits of a free-market economy.

+ Hire a full-time academic director who will review and evaluate all TFAS and FTE programs to ensure that students leave us with a thorough understanding of democratic principles and constitutional rights and privileges, with a grounding in free-market economics.

+ Enhance the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship program by establishing eight meetings a year that bring current and former fellows together for a cross-pollination of ideas and professional development, reinforcing one another in the battle of ideas and the struggle to uncover the truths about the day’s most pressing stories.

I can’t imagine how different my career would be without the Novak Fellowship. It enabled me to take a year of in-depth study and become knowledgeable on my beat. It helped me get placed in national publications and put me in contact with other fellows who answered my questions and helped me learn the ropes.” – TFAS Alumna Mollie Hemingway
Senior Editor at The Federalist and Contributor to Fox News

+ Expand our Public Policy Fellowship program, in response to market demand, to a national program offering fellowships in four areas: (1) A national alumni program for select outstanding alumni to discuss policy that protects individual freedom at the local, state and national levels; (2) A Washington-based program open to all young leaders working in public policy, including those who have not yet attended a TFAS program; (3) A journalism public policy program, comprising education and training for early career media professionals as a precursor to our highly-regarded Novak Journalism Fellowship Program; and (4) An international affairs public policy program.

Featured Alumna: Mary Elizabeth Taylor

Mary Elizabeth Taylor, assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs, first got her start in Washington as a TFAS student. Through TFAS, she interned with Koch Industries, took courses on public policy and economics and attended lectures and professional development seminars aimed at encouraging responsible and engaged leadership. In 2012, she continued her TFAS journey as a TFAS Public Policy Fellow. “One facet that really shines brightly for me and my TFAS experience is the feeling of learning something new, in a fresh atmosphere with new faces, new people and new minds,” says Taylor. “Being thrust into a group of people that I didn’t know, that I had never learned with or worked with and having really tough discussions – that really struck me and I have seen that play out throughout my entire career.”