Combatting Economic Igonorance


Starting in high school, the TFAS 50th Anniversary Liberty + Leadership Campaign will combat economic ignorance by providing an immersive experience and ongoing support to students and teachers focused on economic literacy.

$3 Million toward this initiative will allow TFAS to:

Students in our high school programs absorb economic concepts and leadership skills through interactive and relatable lessons.

+  Expand the highly effective programs of our affiliate The Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) to reach more high school students and teachers every year with programs that teach core economic principles and leadership skills, imbuing faculty and the rising generation with the discipline of economic decision making.

+  Create a scholarship endowment to ensure we never turn away deserving high school students interested in attending our programs.

I was surprised at how practical and applicable economics is to everyday life. The teachers were so wonderful; they made economics fun.” – FTE Student

+  Introduce new curriculum modules that will double the number of high school teachers who participate in our training programs from 850 to 1,700. These teachers will impart key concepts of economics and share our unique curriculum of “the economic way of thinking” to over 600,000 young people over the next three years.

Alumnus Spotlight: Ryan Chan

Ryan, a 2008 FTE program participant, was named to Forbes' prestigious "30 Under 30" list of young leaders for founding UpKeep Maintenance Management. When asked if he still uses what he had learned at economics camp, Ryan replies, “Absolutely!” He says the program taught him, “how to effectively learn and collaborate with a group of people. [FTE] was a great way to get exposed to this important skill early by providing an opportunity to think critically with a group of very bright individuals.”